our story

We wore Fitbits long before wearables were "cool"

We weren’t trying to lose weight, improve our numbers or reduce our body fat – just to find the right solution(s) and select the best for the people we served. Through a process of finding, trying and evaluating a number of products and services, we found things that improved our health status – but we also identified gaps and opportunities to help others in different ways that worked better for us than what we found in the market. 2 A Healthier You is the result of what worked and our solutions to the missing gaps, making health so much easier.

Everyone is unique. We respect that. Your way  2 A Healthier You  may be very different than mine.

Everyone is unique. We respect that. Your way 2 A Healthier You may be very different than mine.

We Believe...

Health is a series of decisions that we make, which become part of an ongoing lifestyle. To make good decisions, we need information from a qualified professional that also has our best interest at heart. Screening tools help us understand where we are on the health continuum, but the only professional that can diagnose us as having a disease is a medical doctor. Understanding where we are, and the impact of our decisions on our health status, gives us valuable feedback and helps us to set goals and modify them on the journey 2 A Healthier You.

Health is not limited to physical wellbeing. That's where most medical and fitness programs focus. In fact, there are five elements of wellbeing that together lead to our overall wellbeing, which we like to refer to as a state of being a healthier you. These include career wellbeing, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, community wellbeing and physical wellbeing.

Our environments play a powerful role in our health. They can either help or hinder our ability to become a healthier you. While we can teach strategies to avoid or resist temptation – or bounce back when you slip - it is best to cultivate healthy environments that set you up for success in reaching your health goals.

In using science and research-based recommendations. These help us guide you toward a healthier you.  We advocate for eating real foods rather than using supplements, which are not regulated and have recently come under scrutiny. From the science, we know that fruits and vegetables of different colors contain health-promoting substances in their active form.

In using Gold-Standard tools and instruments. We use the best tools from the nutrition and wellness industry for our tool belt, including health behavior change theories, motivational interviewing, nutrition education and health literacy to help you reach your goals.

In a positive approach to health. Nobody likes to just be told what they cannot do and feel deprived. We use asset approaches and positive health methods. Our focus is on those things that we can change and have control over. We prefer intrinsic motivation (what motivates you from within)  rather than extrinsic motivation (incentives or rewards) to help us change or reinforce our success.

In partnering with other qualified providers. If we find that you need help with something that is outside of our scope of practice, we will find someone who can help you. Rather than chancing giving the wrong advice, we refer because we truly care about you.

Lastly, we follow an established Code of Ethics for dietitians and health educators which ensures that we promote health and protect those that we serve from harm.

how we work

Anyone who's ever been to a doctor's office visit or health "consultation" knows what it's like to have someone tell you that there's something you need to work on to improve your health. Whether it's a doctor's visit or a meeting with a health coach, personal trainer, or a dietitian, you end up with information and some things to do. While the information may be helpful, you're the one that has to make the changes to become healthier. When you return from the appointment to the world you work, live and play in, you face challenges and surroundings where the last thing that you may experience is health. You realize it's not as easy as it was presented or seemed at your appointment. 

Sound familiar?

We recognize that knowledge by itself doesn’t lead to behavior change – otherwise we would all be healthy! As adult learners, we need more than just information. We are all unique, so we need a real-world solution that works for us. We need to experience health. That's where we come in.  

We created 2 A Healthier You for health seekers that want to become healthier and have a healthier life. No lectures or finger pointing. More support than a health coach. More personal than a portal.

We’re your partner in health. We are 2 A Healthier You.